Me, Myself & I

After two and a half years of blogging, I'm updating the About Me page and being very daring with a change of colour theme. Oooh, get me. 

What else could you want to know?

My name is Sam and I live in lovely Buckinghamshire with Mr. P and our four wonderful, bonkers children. I'm also a member of the Green Party and Chair of the Milton Keynes Young Greens. 

I started to blog after filling up my facebook page with far too many political outbursts and worrying that I was getting on my friends' nerves. Writing a blog gave me the opportunity to vent but in such a way that people would only have to read it if they wanted to. Here I am, nearly 10,000 page views later and rather pleased with myself! I still worry that one day I'll write something and receive a barrage of responses telling me I'm talking utter nonsense, but so far that hasn't happened.

I write about the things that make me feel passionate. That may be politics - self-confessed bleeding heart liberal lefty lentil weaver here! - or it may be related to the labyrinth of confusion and excitement that comes with parenting. Other times it may just be a recipe or something daft I've crocheted. In all cases I try to be honest, truthful and to back up any strong opinions with stuff from Google sound evidence.

Please read and enjoy, share my posts if you like!

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