Tuesday, 31 January 2012

An introduction

Call me Curious Orange...

I suppose all blogs must start with an introduction, otherwise how would you know whether the ramblings and brain farts you're about to read are worth your time and effort?

For the most part my life story is no more or less interesting than anyone else on the street. I was born, I grew up (sort of), spawned a litter of noisy, messy miniature versions of myself. At some point along the way I discovered that I have Opinions and that I'm not awfully fond of keeping these Opinions to myself. The world is a funny place now and through the plethora of social networking media, it appears that many people have Opinions and are not at all afraid to publicise them, and so on the advice of some good friends (whom I rather suspect of finding my Facebook rantings somewhat tiresome!) I have decided to blog. I don't yet know what the theme to my blog will be... whatever comes tumbling out of my head next, I should imagine.

To summarise myself and thus map out the potential nature of this blog, I will say that I am a mother of three mewling Smalls and currently incubating a fourth, expected to arrive at some point in early May. I studied Anthropology at Roehampton University and as a result view everything around me rather cynically as being a social construct and not really existing. It's a curious way to view the world but a very handy final word in any and every argument - "ah! But this is all a social construct" and poof! The oppositional argument vanishes in a puff of social theory logic, because nobody wants to disagree with a person who thinks they don't really exist.

Lately I have also discovered that I have casual feminist leanings, woven into a tapestry of barefoot hippy parenting tendencies and a fondness for knitting yoghurt. I am happy to report, however, that I am yet to eat a placenta or cook anything involving lentils. Neither do I own a single pair of Birkenstocks, instead favouring elaborately silly shoes which are entirely impractical for walking in, but do look jolly nice.

Looking back over my most recent ventings of spleen on Facebook, I appear to mostly talk about breastfeeding, bedsharing with babies, the NestlĂ© boycott, parenting websites and the awesome power of freedom of speech, human rights and um... cake. The latter I blame on an exaggerated sweet tooth courtesy of my delicate condition. I strongly suspect that these topics will form the backbone of my blog, and I hope to muse on them with some modicum of eloquence and authority.

At some point I'm sure I shall also get the hang of playing around with HTML and making this thing look pretty.

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