Sunday, 29 April 2012

A promise...

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or if you know me in real life, it can't have escaped your attention that I'm very passionate about my parenting choices and the philosophy behind them. I have often heard it said that it is much easier to preach than to practice, and I agree this is almost entirely true of parenting - even for those who have done this, that and the other. Looking back with rose tinted glasses at my journey through intervention-free birth, breastfeeding, bed-sharing, gentle discipline etc. I'm very certain I've edited out the parts where I doubted myself, where I maybe even thought I was a fool for not doing what the books said in the name of maintaining some semblance of a pre-baby identity. 

And so here is my promise: as I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with baby no.4 and have every intention of following all this stuff I blog about and talk about incessantly, I will also endeavour to keep as honest a diary of this experience as I can. I will not hold back on talking about the difficult parts, I will not censor myself and romanticise what I do in order to make it seem more appealing to others. This may mean that sometimes I write uncomfortable truths - uncomfortable for myself to admit in a public domain and for others to read without judgment. I talk a lot about transparency and the need for expectant parents to have realistic ideas about life with a new baby, and so I offer up my no-holds-barred, warts 'n' all stories. 

Can I actually practice what I preach and embrace it as joyfully as my memory likes to tell me I did previously? We shall see....! 

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  1. You'll be great, no matter what. Now do some star jumps!