Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Winter is coming...

Something a little more lighthearted for me today!

It smells slightly Autumnal today, and I'm very excited. It's about 18 degrees outside, so a bit cooler than recent weeks and there's a hint of something russet, red, golden and crunchy in the air. 

I love Autumn; it's definitely my favourite season. The colours are so exciting, their warmth contrasting against the bite in the wind. Putting away floaty dresses and tops, bringing out the snuggly jumpers, scarves and boots - it's like that most excellent part of the day where you start to wind down and relax, shaking off the frenetic activities of the day and embracing a quieter, more pensive time. 

I eagerly anticipate evenings spent in twilight, drinking hot chocolate and warming chilled fingers and toes by the fire. 

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