Monday, 8 July 2013

Fat girl wants to wear a dress!

It's reeeaaaally hot here at the moment. Well, by British summer standards anyway. I think it must be about 28 - 29 degrees Celsius just now, which is freakin' WARM in my book. I am wearing cropped jeans and a flowery top. What I would really like to do is dig out the short-shorts and don a little vest to go with them. Nice and cool, easy to move around in - good times! Only... I can't. Because I'm overweight and according to internet memes there are RULES about how much flesh you're allowed to expose.

This has done the rounds recently on Facebook:

I hate it. Hate hate hate it. How anyone wants to dress should be their own choice, not subject to nasty jokes that basically suggest fatties should cover up. 

I much prefer this:

Fuck it. I'm getting out the shorts. Sorry, world, you'll just have to tolerate my wobbly thighs and pudgy belly. This fat bird isn't melting for anyone!


  1. I'm a fattie and I posted it :/ Lol

  2. Here in South Portugal, we had 40ºC. And about 28/29ºC at night. How I wish I was there in the summer.. lol.

    1. Good grief! I think I would have to sleep in the freezer!